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N 18%,  P2O5 18%, K2O 18%, MgO 3%, S 2%, B 0.025%, Cu 0.01%, Fe 0.07%, Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.004%, Zn 0.025%


YaraTera Kristalon™ Special is specially designed for foliar fertilization (the only formula containing urea-N). It is compatible with most common agrochemical spray materials (insecticides, fungicides, herbicides), except with highly alkaline ones.

YaraTera Kristalon™ offers a premium range of water soluble, compound powdered fertilizers, ideal for:

• ornamental plants, flowers, vegetables and fruit crops

• open-field and greenhouse cultivation

• crops both grown in soil and soilless media (except rockwool and NFT)

• all types of watering systems (sprinkler, pivot and drip systems)


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Yara YaraTera Kristalon™ Special 18-18-18-3MgO+TE (25kg)

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