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   ABOUT US   

We are committed to provide the best quality materials to commercial growers and urban gardeners in Malaysia and Singapore by using premium quality raw materials manufactured in the EU. Our factory is equipped with various machineries for the production of water soluble fertilisers of up to 50 metric tonne per month. Through our resellers and other selling outlets, we are now serving more than 2000 customers each year and counting. 

for commercial growers


PLANT NEED series consists of water soluble fertilisers including A & B Fertilisers that are specially formulated for the cultivation of cash crops e.g. watermelon, chilli, durian and oil palm.

Our A & B Fertilisers contain all the macronutrients and micronutrients needed for plant growth and are suitable to be used for both soilless culture and fertigation. 

Various formulas are available for different types of plants, made using high  quality materials primarily from the EU.



Authorised Dealer

We are an authorised distributor of major brands
such as Yara and Behn Meyer in Malaysia. 

We also collaborate with Yara and Behn Meyer to
repack their fertilisers into smaller packets for 
market and urban gardeners.

YaraMila 13-13-21-01.jpg

for urban growers


We offer a comprehensive range of products and
services for urban gardeners under the umbrella name PLANT-IT-YOURSELF. Our mission is to train and encourage urban dwellers to grow their own food. Our PIY range of products consist of all the essential materials needed for establishing and maintaining urban farms or gardens. These include fertilisers - organic and synthetic, biostimulants and soil amendments, seeds, compost-based garden soil, pure compost, pest control, germination media,
seedling trays etc.



Importer & Distributor

We are the sole importer and  distributor of ReGlas in Malaysia, a lightweight, pumice-like material made of recycled glass. As glass is essentially made of sand,  by using ReGlas, we are returning the element back to earth in a form that is eco-friendly and harmless to the environment.

ReGlas is inert and can be used to replace commonly used soil amendments such as perlite and pumice stone, which are often mined from nature. 

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