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Total N 13%, P2O5 4%, K2O 25%, SO3 11%, Cl <1%, MgO 0.7%, Zn 0.08%, B 0.08%


YaraRega™ - the first water-soluble granular NPK range for field fertigation


YaraRega™ is the new global brand for water-soluble granular NPK fertilizers for field fertigation. Yara’s technology has transformed granular fertilizer into a water-soluble product, making it the first of its kind and more affordable than other water-soluble fertilizers on the market. YaraRega™ is a competitive alternative to traditional fertilization and has been designed for field crops irrigated with drippers or spray units.


Fertigation allows farmers to take full advantage of their irrigation system, providing N, P, K, Magnesium, Sulphur, Boron and Zinc through watering, which improves nutrient uptake efficiency. YaraRega provides balanced nitrate-based nutrition (macro & micro nutrients) and, because it’s a compound NPK fertilizer, all granules have the same NPK balance (all nutrients in one granule).


1. Broadcast
2. Fertigation (use in combination with Calcinit)

Yara YaraRega 13-4-25+9S+Zn+B (50kg)


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