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Fully emulsified neem oil used to control pests such as aphids, beetles, whiteflies, ants, bed bugs, fungi, mealybugs, mites, caterpillars, mosquitoes, thrips etc. 乳化苦楝油用于控制害虫例如蚜虫,甲虫,粉虱,蚂蚁,臭虫,真菌,水蜡虫, 螨虫,毛毛虫,蚊子,蓟马等


Contains filtered water, soap, neem oil



Application Methods

1. Apply as foliar spray and/or soil drench

2. Repeat two to three times to reduce insect populations

3. Can be used on all kinds of crops

4. Suitable for organic farming



1. 以叶面喷洒和/或土壤浸湿的方式施用

2. 重复2-3次以减少昆虫种群

3. 可用于各种农作物

4. 适合用于有机种植


Also available at Shopee

RTU Pest Control - Neem Oil (500mL)


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