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NovaTec® Premium 15-3-20(+2+TE)


Granulated complex fertilizer with potassium sulfate (SOP) and nitrification inhibitor DMPP (3,4-dimethylpyrazole phosphate) for basal and complementary dressings in chloride-sensitive crops and on salt affected soils.


DMPP reduces N leaching and increases N efficiency. For a period of 4 to 10 weeks, depending on soil temperature and soil humidity, the transformation of ammonium to nitrate is delayed. N availability is further adapted to the plants’ requirements and N efficiency is increased.


Nutrient distribution is even as every granule contains all nutrients and micronutrients. Application is possible during the whole vegetation period. Watering promotes the immediate effect.



15,0 % N total nitrogen

3,0 % P2O5 neutral ammonium citrate and water soluble phosphate

20,0 % K2O water soluble potassium oxide

2,0 % MgO total magnesium oxide

9,0 % S total sulfur

0,02 % B total boron

0,06 % Fe total iron

0,01 % Zn total zinc


Directions for Use

1. Field Crops e.g. rice, corn, sugarcane, wheat etc

- Soil application - 3-15 g/sf

- Split in 1-3 applications per year


2. Vegetables e.g. eggplant, brassicas, cucumber, cauliflower, beans, melon, pumpkin etc

- Soil application - 3-20 g/sf

- Split in 2-4 applications per year


3. Fruits e.g. oil palm, papaya, banana, citrus, pineapple etc

- Soil application - 3-9 g/sf

- Split in 2-3 applications per year


4. Nursery & Ornamentals

- Soil application - 2-8 g/sf

- Split in 2-3 applications per year


[Repacked from 50kg bag]


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[10kg] Novatec® Premium 15-3-20(+2+TE)


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