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Fetrilon® Combi 2


Fetrilon® Combi 2 is a micronutrient fertilizer for the preventive or curative treatment of micronutrient

deficiencies. All the metallic micronutrients are completely chelated. This ensures immediate availability and

rapid uptake and prevents premature fixation in the plant. Boron and molybdenum are present as readily

soluble salts. Thus, all the nutrients are fully available for incorporation into the plant.


Highly concentrated multi-micronutrient fertilizer with emphasis on zinc and iron for the preventive and curative treatment of micronutrient deficiencies for foliar application.

- For the effective prevention and cure of trace element deficiencies

- Finest free-flowing microgranulation

- Offers a high-quality, cost-effective solution for safeguarding and optimizing both yield and quality of crops


1,50% B water soluble boron as boric acid

0,60% Cu water soluble copper, 100% chelated by EDTA

4,00% Fe water soluble iron, 100% chelated by EDTA

3,00% Mn water soluble manganese, 100% chelated by EDTA

0,05% Mo water soluble molybdenum as ammonium molybdate

4,00% Zn water soluble zinc, 100% chelated by EDTA


Stable in pH range 3-7

To be used only where there is a recognized need. Do not exceed the application rate.


Directions for Use

1. Durian

- 20g/20L

2. Watermelon, mango, pineapple, lawn, citrus, dokong, banana

- 10g/20L


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[200g] Behn Meyer Fetrilon® Combi 2


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