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EASY-TO-USE Charbon contains mixture of Humate (humic acid) and Algae (seaweed extract) pre-weighed and packed in water soluble sachets.


Humic acid and seaweed extract are among the most widely used plant biostimulants. When used in combination, more lateral root growth and root mass were observed compared to those treated with either one of the biostimulants.  Treated plants were also found to produce higher amount of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that protects the plants from free radicals under stress conditions.


25 sachets x 0.5g Humate (humic acid) + Algae (seaweed extract)


Product Type 
Organic fertiliser


1. Effective in promoting root and plant growth 
2. Improves plant vigor 
3. Improves drought tolerance in plants  
4. Increases crop yield and quality 
5. Suitable for all kinds of plants 


Application Method
1. Dissolve one sachet in 1L of water 
2. Spray on leaves or drench soil 
3. Repeat every 1-2 weeks 



25 sachets x 0.5g Humate (humic acid 腐植酸) + Algae (seaweed extract 海藻精)




1. 有效于促进根部发展和植物成长
2. 提高植物生长活力
3. 提高植物的耐旱性
4. 提升农作物产量及质量
5. 适合各种植物


1. 将1包溶于1公升水中
2. 叶面喷施或根部灌溉
3. 每1-2星期重复一次



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Easy-to-Use Charbon (25 sachets x 0.5g)


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