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Agricultural land is a limited resource. Due to extensive repetitive planting, continuous depletion of organic matter in arable soil has led to rapid deterioration of soil structure and functionality. Additionally, excessive use of chemical fertilizers has resulted in salt accumulation, soil acidification (pH below 4.5), and soil erosion. The way of non-stop planting and harvesting depletes the natural nutrient reserves in the soil. All these issues progressively weaken soil vitality and diminish the diversity of soil microorganisms’ eco-system. To restore soil vitality, we need to replenish the depleted organic matter and restore the natural characteristics of the soil, such as water retention, soil structure permeability, nutrient content, and fertility.

To revive soil vitality, we need to return what we have taken away from the soil, ensuring the sustainable management of our farmland. AZOPRIMO® is designed for this purpose. It is a unique organic fertilizer that utilizes 100% pure plant materials. In the production process, employees mix the plant paste-like mixture in predetermined ratios and place it in 316-grade stainless steel reaction tanks. Through computer-controlled aerobic fermentation, this organic fertilizer is produced under strict monitoring. The production team tracks parameters such as pH, temperature, viscosity, oxygen/carbon dioxide ratio, and the activity level of digesting microorganisms to ensure consistent product quality.

After the fermentation process completes, it undergoes a careful granulation process and is precisely supplemented with volcanic ash from the United States. It contains over 77 natural trace elements and bio-available silica for biological utilization. The process helps to to preserve 55% of the organic matter derived from plants, humic acid, fulvic acid, and amino acids.

Therefore, granulated AZOPRIMO® is a versatile organic fertilizer. It not only replenishes the soil with effective organic matter, but it also provides important functions such as:
1. High content of fulvic acid (35%) to enhance soil fertility.
2. Humic acid (5%) improves soil structure, promotes water retention, and soil aeration.
3. Supplies easily absorbed amino acids for plants.
4. Provides 77 trace elements and bio-available silica to plants and soil microorganisms, enhancing the capacity and diversity of the soil microbial community.


Total organic matter >55%
Total macronutrients >11%
Total humic acid >5%
Total fulvic acid >35%
pH 5.5


Physical properties : solid granules
Colour : Dark black brown



[25kg] Behn Meyer Azoprimo