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Azomite is a 100% naturally derived soil remineralizer mined in Utah. It contains more than 70 types of trace minerals. Research have shown that azomite is able to help increase brix readings as well as the number of fruits and vegetables per plant.


Azomite (Micronized)


Product Type
Organic fertiliser / Soil amendment


1. Contains over 70 minerals & trace elements 
2. Suitable for all kinds of crops 
3. Increases yield and quality of crops 
4. Can be mixed with compost, manure and fertilizer
5. OMRI-listed product - suitable for organic farming


Application Method 
1. Apply 3 tsp for a 6” dia. pot. Subsequently, apply 6 tsp every three months 
2. Apply 45-90g per sq. ft. of garden soil 
3. Mix 120g per 28L potting soil 



Azomite (Micronized)


有机肥料 / 土壤改良剂


1.  含有70多种矿物质和微量元素
2. 适合各种农作物
3. 提高农作物产量及质量
4. 可以与堆肥,粪肥和肥料一起施用
5. OMRI认证产品-适合有机农业耕作


1. 施放3茶匙于6”直径花盆。接下来,每三个月施放6茶匙
2. 每1平方英尺花园土壤,施放45-90g
3. 每28L盆栽土壤,加入120g



Also available at Shopee.

Azomite (Micronized) (50g)


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