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Behn Meyer Nitrophoska Green RS 15-13-13+5S


Content 成分

N氮 15%, P2O5磷 13%, K2O鉀 13%, S硫 5%


Product Type 产品类别

Compound fertiliser复合肥


Benefits 好处

1. Improves vegetative growth 促进叶面生长

2. Increases yield and quality of crops 提高农作物产量及质量

3. Suitable for all kinds of crops 适合各种农作物


Application Method 使用方法

1. Apply 1/2 tsp or 2.5g per 0.5 sqft (10" dia. pot) 每0.5方尺(10"直径花盆)施放1/2茶匙或2.5公克

2. Repeat every two weeks 每14天重复一次

[50kg] Behn Meyer Nitrophoska® Green RS 15-13-13+5S


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