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BSFL abbreviation

: Black soldier fly larvae

Frass noun


: debris or excrement of insects

What is BSFL Frass?

BSFL Frass is produced by BSF larvae which are fed with food waste (mostly discarded vegetables and fruits) provided by the local waste management body, thereby reducing the amount of organic wastes being transported to the landfill. BSFL frass can be used as a soil conditioner for plants.


BSF larvae are voracious feeders and can feed on a wide range of organic matters which include chicken manure. BSF adults, on the other hand, do not feed and can only survive for seven days.

Did you know?

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Increases soil fertility

BSFL frass is rich in organic matter which can help to increase soil fertility. With the application of BSFL frass, fertiliser usage can be reduced. This helps to save cost and reduce environmental impact.


70% organic matter

BSFL frass is made up of 70% organic matter which can help to encourage microbial proliferation in soil. Microorganisms break down organic matter to enrich the surrounding soil with nutrients which can then be used by the plants.

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Contains Chitin

Chitin is derived from the exoskeleton of insects. Insect chitin can be broken down by an enzyme called chitinase which is produced by plants. The presence of chitin in soil triggers the defence response in plants which makes them more resistant to pest damage.

Available in 1kg and 5kg packets.

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