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How to Grow Microgreens at Home? - A Brief Guide

Assorted microgreens

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are nutrient-packed young vegetables that are harvested when the first true leaves appear. Microgreens can be eaten raw or used as garnish or flavoring herb.

Alfalfa microgreens

Here is a brief guide to growing microgreens at home.

One of the problems of growing microgreens indoors is MOLD. Mold growth is often encountered when the soil is too wet and humidity level in the room is high. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to place the tray on a window sill where air ventilation is good. It is best to avoid exposing microgreens to direct sunlight to prevent wilting.

Mold causes stunted growth in seedlings

Window sill is one of the ideal locations to grow microgreens at home

Microgreens are ready to be harvested when the first true leaves appear

Snip the microgreens 1" above soil level with a pair of scissors or snipper

How to prepare microgreens?

Microgreens can be rinsed and spin dried using salad spinner before served. Most microgreens taste like their adult counterparts. Some are pungent and spicy like radish while others are mild e.g. broccoli.

Add wheatgrass, broccoli or other microgreens to your juice recipes

Microgreens salad with sesame dressing

Microgreens can be added to any dishes to improve appearance and flavor

Stir fried kangkung, pea sprout and radish microgreens with anchovies and garlic

Have fun growing microgreens at home! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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