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K 30%, P 5%, Mg 4%, Ca 2%, trace elements

Product Type 
Organic fertiliser/
Soil amendment

Application Method 
1. Apply 15g or 4 tsp per sqft and thereafter, 8g or 2 tsp per sqft every two months

2. Sprinkle a small amount on each layer of compost heap

1. Helps to increase soil and compost pH

2. High in potassium - recommended for fruiting plants

3. Increases crop yield and quality

4. Suitable for organic farming

Pest Control

Deterrent for slugs & snails

Plant or wood ash is known to be effective in deterring slugs and snails. Applying a thin layer of Hūi around your plants is sufficient to protect them from the gastropods. Use Hūi sparingly due to its high alkalinity. Repeat application after several heavy rain events or every month.

*Note: Hūi is alkaline, thus it is not suitable for alkaline soil and acid-loving plants. Hūi and nitrogen fertilisers should be applied separately.

Available in 100g packets.

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