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Product Type 产品类别
Soil amendment 土壤改良剂


Dolomite lime is good for 白云石灰有益于
- raising soil pH 提高土壤pH值
- replenishing calcium and magnesium to soil 提供钙和镁


Contains 含有
- CaO 氧化钙 31-38%
- MgO 氧化镁 15-18%


Application Method 使用方法
- Apply 5-6g (1-2tsps) per 10” dia. pot (0.5 SF) 施放5-6克 (1-2茶匙) 于10”直径盆 (0.5平方英尺)
- Repeat two to three times per year 每年重复一至两次

Available sizes

500g / 1kg / 2kg

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