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Soil Amendment


Azomite is a 100% naturally derived soil remineralizer mined in Utah. It contains more than 70 types of trace minerals. Research have shown that azomite is able to help increase brix readings as well as the number of fruits and vegetables per plant.

Soil Amendment


Azomite (Micronized)


Product Type 
Organic fertiliser/Soil Amendment


Application Method 
1. Apply 3 tsp for a 6” dia. pot. Subsequently, apply 6 tsp every three months

2. Apply 45-90g per sq. ft. of garden soil

3. Mix 120g per 28L potting soil

1. Contains over 70 minerals & trace elements 

2. Suitable for all kinds of crops

3. Increases yield and quality of crops

4. Can be mixed with compost, manure and fertilizers

5. OMRI-listed product - suitable for organic farming


Available in 1kg and 50g packets.

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