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Content 成分
N氮 10%, P磷 28%, K鉀 20%, TE (Boron硼, Copper铜, Iron铁, Manganese锰, Molybdenum钼, Zinc锌) 0.3%


Product Type 产品类别
Water soluble fertiliser水溶性肥


Benefits 好处
1. Promotes flowering and root growth 促进开花和根部发育
2. Improves plant strength 使植物更健壮
3. Increases crop yield and quality 提升农作物产量及质量
4. Suitable for all kinds of plants 适合各种植物


Application Method 使用方法
1. Dissolve 1gm in 1L of water 将1公克溶于1公升水中
2. Spray on leaves or drench soil 叶面喷施或根部灌溉
3. Repeat every two weeks 每14天重复一次



Also available at Shopee [50g] [1kg] and Lazada.

BIGHarvest 大丰收 10-28-20 (50g / 1kg)