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Amino acids, beneficial soil microorganisms


1. Suitable for all kinds of crops 
2. Improves structure, water holding capacity and permeability of soil 
3. Increases nutrient uptake of plants which helps to reduce leaching 
4. Helps proliferation of beneficial soil microorganisms 
5. Improves stress and disease tolerance in plants 
6. Increases chlorophyll production and growth rate
7. Promotes growth of strong roots and healthy leaves, which helps to increase yield and quality of crops 


Application Rate 
Apply 3 teaspoons or 10g per 0.5 sqft (≈ 10”dia. pot) 


氨基酸, 益菌


1. 适合用于各种农作物
2. 帮助修复土壤結構和提高土壤保水性和透气性
3. 提高农作物的化肥利用率、因而减少化肥流失
4. 促进土壤益菌成长及繁殖
5. 协助农作物提高抗病和抗逆境能力
6. 提高光合作用、叶绿素产量和农作物增长率
7. 促进根部和叶子健康成长,因而提高作物产量和素质


每0.5方尺 (≈10”直径花盆) 施放3茶匙或10公克



Also available at Shopee [30g[500g] and Lazada.

Amino Acid + Bio 氨基酸+益菌 (500g)


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